The Waiter

by Snailmate

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From "Love in the Microwave"


I know you're avoiding
taking responsibility for your choices
if you've got a problem, then voice it
I've got mouths to feed and holes to moisten
poison in the veins of the chosen one
sitting underneath of a frozen sun
when you cut your teeth on my bone, its no wonder
you're never going to touch your home soil again
live in turmoil and sin
spend and eternity toiling endlessly
spin your absurdities inside a centrifuge
extract the liquid, inject it in to you
… what a rush!
eye to the sky till the sun combusts
all I want is someone to hug
while my grave gets dug. Can you dig it?
Under the gun, above the shovel
under my tongue is a puzzle
there are no subtleties in the jungle
its chew or be consumed, chug or be guzzled
in love with an entity I can't define
with an injury as deep as mine
its only a matter of time before I go the way of the dinosaur

call me the waiter
because I'm always waiting, baby
not because I'm a waiter

i never have to wonder "whats clever"
when I'm up under forever
I've got her tongue in my head, it severs
i feel her eating out my dreams
reading how to be TKLB
I tried to warn her
I tried to point her whence she came
the shit remained
since things ain't been the same
rendering every sentence lame
consider it demented, strange
I hope you're prepared for detention in my brain
a boobie trap for every groupie that I've made insane
a scooby snack for every floozie that smells what I'm spraying
it was a figment to begin with
its hard to follow when your perspective is doing mctwists
burned out and pissed at my own invention
converting every residence i visit to a pigpen
give me the definition of an instant
for instance, I'm known to give it up with no resistance
and though I attempt to preempt it
I find that my foresight could use a prescription
for the sake of fecundity
i shun the sun and unplug the tv
I find myself wondering…
"what could they be doing?"
"what's taking them so long?!"

Call me the waiter
because I'm always waiting, baby
not because I'm a waiter


released May 31, 2017
Vocals, keys: Kalen Lander
Drums: Ariel Monet
Recorded, mixed and mastered: Bill Douglass



all rights reserved


Snailmate Phoenix, Arizona


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